Aqium Win a Dyson Hair Dryer a Day

The provisional winners from the Aqium Win a Dyson Hair Dryer a Day competition are listed below. These are subject to verification. We would like to congratulate the following provisional winners:

C Saunders VIC
K Leydon VIC
C Saunders VIC
K Raven WA
L Barwick QLD
E Chatah VIC
R Kaarkour VIC
C Anderson VIC
J Fourro NSW
T-L Rogers WA
D Asher SA
A Andrews WA
T Coffey VIC
L Crescenzi  
D Healy QLD
K Parkes QLD
L Richards ACT
J Riddle SA
C Richards NSW
M Wishart SA
S Hughes VIC
A Green SA
H Camovale VIC
L Asher SA
R Amanatidis SA
R Glavan NSW
R Beasley QLD
G Walker QLD


Entries closed March 28th 2019. See Terms and Conditions