The provisional winners

The provisional winners from the Aqium $500 Daily competition are listed below. These are subject to verification. We would like to congratulate the following provisional winners:

M Petersen VIC
R Glavan NSW
T Penney WA
D Asher SA
M Garvey NSW
C Down VIC
J Gibson VIC
D thrower WA
L Reed QLD
C Carson TAS
M Lillington QLD
L Richards NSW
C Ritchie QLD
A Dewan ACT
C Saunders VIC
S Penney WA
V Fraser VIC
J Johnson VIC
C Lungo ACT
A Donovan NSW
D Trickey VIC
A Murphy QLD
Y Rahman SA
G Wheeldon ACT
C Gipson SA
R Farran NSW
N Larsen NSW


Entries closed Sept 3rd 2017. See Terms and Conditions